Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Despite the humid air and the temperatures soaring into the triple digits, hopes you are feeling a little jolly and in the mood for Christmas.

Today, and today only, they are offering a special "Back in Black Friday " (or Black Friday in July) on their Website.

I have looked at what they are offering, and in my opinion, there really isn't too much that I would want to pack my sleigh with.

One deal I did see that is pretty good is a TomTom GPS device for $69.59. Considering how much these systems can go for, this deal isn't bad.

Also, if you have little ones who have "Zhu-Zhu Fever" there are quite a good number of deals on Zhu-Zhu Pets.

Feel free to check it out, there might be something to tickle your fancy.

Black Friday in July

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